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Some property owners value the physical appearance of their estates. While fences are primarily for ensuring security, these can also help elevate the beauty of a property. For this reason, owners highly favor this type of fence. Vinyl Fence are available in different colors and styles to suit to the taste and theme.
Vinyl Fence comes in varied colors. Some popular choices of our customers include red, beige, and brown. But the top favorite among all colors is white. White gives a vision of bigger space, looks relaxing and inviting to the eyes. While bright and flashy colors are not of top choice, there are some owners who can be as daring for their fences.
To further improve the appearance, we also offer to add texture to the Vinyl Fences. Our most requested by far is wooden texture. Having the wooden aesthetic gives the illusion that the Vinyl Fence is indeed made from wood. This type of texture is easily achieved by combining textured dark sequoia, textured clay, walnut, weathered aspen, and textured tan.

The Vinyl Fence has three different types namely the Vinyl Picket Fences, Vinyl Privacy Fencing, and the Vinyl Semi-Private Fencing.
Vinyl Picket Fences
It has gaps which provides an open sightline. This type of fence is perfect if you have children at home.

  • Vinyl Privacy Fencing
  • Unlike Vinyl Picket Fences, this type of Vinyl Fence provides a completely private space. This type of fence is best if you put high value on privacy.
  • Vinyl Semi-Private Fencing

This type of pence has tiny openings to allow some air and sun to pass through.
Because of its features and beauty, you might think that this Vinyl Fence comes at a price. Vinyl Fence Installation from Fence Company Augusta is very affordable and will surely fit in the budget.

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