Temporary Fence Installation Augusta

Fence installation Augusta

Temporary fences are useful when adding an extra layer of protection. This specific type of fence is perfect for when special needs arises such as events or for other circumstances in the property wherein an additional barrier is needed. If you have storage space, you can purchase and keep it after use. But if you don’t, you can instead rent it from us at the Company Fence Augusta. In this case, you will only you have to pay for rent.
There are different types of temporary fence that you can choose from depending on your need.

  • Panels

This type is best in sectioning a large area such as a field. Panel types come in different materials like chain link, wood, and gates. If you need extra layer of security, you can barb wires on these panels.

  • Water Barricades

The main purpose of this type of temporary fence is to keep water from entering into a particular area. Construction sites usually use this type of fence at the working site.

  • Anti-scale Fences

For those who require privacy and tight security, this is the choice to go for. It includes 8-foot-tall panels to secure the perimeter. It made of mesh and steel material. Because of its height, this type of panel is very difficult to penetrate for intruders.

  • Pedestrian Barricades

This is the apt temporary barricade for places and events with massive volume of foot traffic. It is essential in making people walk at the designated area. It keeps the crowd from walking at spaces intended for cars. Usually events with a lot of foot traffic include parades, festivals, and concerts.
We can assist you with any temporary fence that you may need for your property or for the event you are hosting. Let’s work together, call us at 706-574-3467 for more inquiries.

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