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For decades or even centuries, metal has been a staple and a favorite choice for fencing material. In modern times, steel and aluminum are the types of metal more popular in many industries. In particular, the fencing industry highly favors steel and aluminum for its many advantages. What is special about these metals is that they provide unparalleled class and sophistication to your property while also providing topnotch security.

In the olden times, the more commonly used metal, as far as fences are concerned, is wrought iron or iron. Iron was very popular because it can be shaped into ornamental designs. Ornamental designs add distinct elegance to properties. Moreover, it is also a tough and sturdy metal. Sadly, iron holds a disappointing flaw: almost always, iron is fated to face corrosion in only a matter of time.

As with many fencing materials, we have technology to thank for the innovations which allowed production of more durable and stable metals. Steel and aluminum were results of these developments. Both metals retain the advantage of iron, which is the ability to be shaped into unique ornate patterns. Compared to iron, steel and aluminum were designed to be sturdier, tougher, and longer lasting.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is flexible and light. It can be adjusted to fit the needs of the customers. Most property owners prefer Aluminum Fence because it costs less than Steel Fence. Unlike the Steel Fence, Aluminum Fence is resistant to both rust and corrosion, thus it does not need as much maintenance. Although cheaper, rest assured that it is still durable and secured. It’s also important to note that Aluminum Steel has a glossy finish that can complement your property.
Both types, Aluminum and Steel Fence, are equally good options being both robust and durable. Your choice as property owner depends on your budget and preference. If the budget is limited and if you are afraid of possible rust and corrosion, then aluminum is the best option. Otherwise, if you have a better spending capacity and is capable of keeping the material from rusting, then you can opt for a Steel Fence.

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