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It is imperative that security comes first. But what if you can combine security with beauty? Simtek Fence provides exactly that. This type of fence will surely never compromise the beauty of your property, in fact, it is a good addition to improve the overall look.
Simtek Fences, also called as Sherwood Fence and Allegheny Fence, are very stylish. You can choose from different colors such as beige, red, and brown. But since you can never go wrong with classics, most property owners prefer white for their fences. For a more sophisticated look, you can also opt for a different texture.
You will not be disappointed with the types of Simtek Fences available including Bufftech Sherwood privacy fence, Simtek Ecostone style, and Simtek Ecostone privacy fence among others.
This fence comes at a very good cost that’s why it is a top choice of our customers. On average, the installation is about $2500 and so the price ranges from $1800 to $4500. For the materials, the price is around $5 to $25 per foot, while the installation is at $15 to $25.

You might be surprised to know that this type of fence is made up of plastic and has a galvanized steel to strengthen it further. Despite that, you don’t need to worry about storms, rains, and even strong winds because it can withstand all types of weather. It can also endure temperature changes while maintaining its form. For owner with properties located at a place which experiences all types of weather, this is a good option to go for.
If you are looking into getting a Simtek Fence installed at your property, feel free to reach us out. We’ll help you throughout, from choosing the colors, up to the installation and maintenance of your fence. Call us now at 706-574-3467.

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