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Whether you are residing right beside a main road or you own a property that is, guard rails can provide you with security that you need. Cars running on full speed are likely to get into accidents especially if the roads are slippery. Automobiles can overshoot from the road to your property. Since these are accidents, these events are therefore unpredictable. To be safe and secured, we, at Fence Company Augusta recommend installing these guard rails.
There are 3 types of guard rails that you can choose from and these are Three-strand Cable, Steel Guard Rails, and Wood Guard Rails. You can decide which of these types to get after considering the type of protection you need based on where your property is.

  • Three-strand Cable

This is the most basic type of guard rails. It is not as durable as the other options and it has no car stopping capacity. Because of its minimal protection ability, we highly recommend this type of guard rail for properties near less busy roads. Among all the types, this is the most affordable.

  • Steel Guard Rails

Steel is a very durable material and has the ability to withstand all sorts of impact. Steel Guard Rails can best protect your property from any damage that potential car accidents can cause. Usually commercial establishments and houses along busy highways use this type.
Wood Guard Rails
This guard rail may not be as robust as steel, but it has sufficient stopping power. It has the ability to safeguard your property from car accidents. The only downside to this is it requires a good amount of maintenance and may require replacement in case that the damage is irreparable.
Whichever type of guard rail you choose, it will surely fortify your property. Call us now at 706-574-3467 and we will give a quote for you!

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