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A plain dumpster outside of any establishment may seem like an eye sore so installing a dumpster enclosure can improve how the exterior of a property looks. Apart from the aesthetic function, a dumpster enclosure can also prolong the life of a dumpster. It keeps stray animals, rodents, and trespassers away and so it ensures that garbage stays within the enclosure. To make sure that the dumpster enclosure lasts, it will be best to install posts, gates, hinges, and gates that fits.
Various materials such as steel, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, brick, and wood, can be used for dumpster enclosures. Below we will discuss each material further to help you decide which one will suit best your need.

This material can secure utmost privacy for you. But the disadvantage to this is that it cannot withstand forceful impact and may easily get damaged.

  • Chain Link Dumpster Enclosures

It gives an unobstructed view and so it does not provide any privacy. But the advantage to this is that you can see right away if there are animals or intruders inside.

  • Wooden Dumpster Enclosures

Wood material, on the other hand, can provide with full privacy. However, this type of enclosure material will need high maintenance.
Steel and Aluminum Dumpster Enclosures
This type of material can withstand all sorts of weather and impact. For maximum protection and security, you should go for this choice.
Brick Dumpster Enclosures
If you want a lasting dumpster enclosure, brick material can withstand time because it is very durable.
We have a whole variety of dumpster enclosures that you can choose from according to your need. Our quality of work has been tested throughout the years and we guarantee to deliver products that will satisfy your requirements. Call us at 706-574-3467 for a quotation and further inquiries.

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