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Installing a fence for your property gives you peace of mind because you know that your estate is secured. It keeps you from constant worrying that there might be intruders or trespassers inside your area. For people who values privacy, the Cedar Wood Fence is the best type of fence to go for. This specific type of fence is tall and has no gaps for onlookers to peak in. In terms of fences, height indeed matters because it keeps you from getting exposed.
The Cedar Wood Fence has two different styles, namely, the Standard Privacy Type and the other is Shadowboxing. The Standard Privacy Type is made up of wood boards nailed together on their sides. This type of Cedar Wood Fence gives an effortless yet sparky vibe. It is also very secured since openings are unlikely for side by side planks. On the other hand, Shadowboxing is where boards are on alternating sides of the fence instead of side by side like the former. In this type of Cedar Wood Fence, both the front and the back sides of the wood boards are displayed. This type of Cedar Wood Fence leans on the fancy side.

Forget about your worries because the Cedar Wood Fence is durable and can last up to ten years. We are happy to assist you from choosing which type of Cedar Wood Fence to use, to installing these fences, and up until in case you will need help in maintaining your fence.
Our business, Fence Company Augusta, continuously and constantly evaluates and upskills our staff to keep improving the efficiency of our services. Our personnel have the best training to ensure display of the best working attitude towards our customers. Previous property owners whom we rendered our services for have all been pleased with our services.

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