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Cages and enclosures have multi-purpose functions. Let us know the function it will serve so we can help determine the best type of enclosure that your property needs. Below we will discuss the different types of cages and enclosures.
First, we have tool and equipment cages. This type of enclosure serves as storage for commercial building tools. It needs to have enough room to fit large equipment. Also, and more importantly, it needs to be secured since these kinds of things are expensive and are eye candy to thieves. We, at Fence Company Augusta, can build you the safest and most secured tool and equipment cage that you need.
Next are batting cages. This type of enclosure is utilized by athletes who train for softball and football. It is necessary to keep the ball confined in a limited space. Batting cages need to be durable to withstand the impact of the ball hitting the enclosure. We have top quality materials that are durable and yet still affordable. Also, this type of cage should have a good amount of space to move around and swing the bat.

Also, we have safety enclosure. This type of enclosure is usually seen on trampolines to keep people inside the safe zone. It is necessary to keep people from falling off and to reduce the risk of getting into accidents. For enclosures intended for safety, you can definitely entrust it to us.
Finally, the dog kennel cages and cages. In case that your dog or other pets stay outside the house, it keeps your pet protected from unwanted attacks by other animals.
For these types of cages and enclosures, we can help and guide on which type of material is best. Call us now at 706-574-3467 so we can start discussing and planning the perfect kind of cage or enclosure that you need.

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