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Baseball is one of the most loved sport across the world. Fans flock together to watch and cheer for their favorite and national teams. To keep these spectators safe from danger, field owners install back stops to prevent the ball from leaving the playing area.
For anyone who is unfamiliar, a backstop fence is the curved structure usually in the rear which acts as a barrier. These fences are usually tall because balls during a softball and baseball can go very high. The purpose of the curve shape at the top is to prevent the ball from flying over the fence.
A backstop fence is usually made of chain links to allow the audience a clear view of the entire field. But we also have other material options for other customers such as vinyl coated fabric. Backstops normally comes in silver metal color. But we can also supply a customized color of your preference.

Backstops comes in different dimensions.

  • Outfield Fence

The height of this fence is about 2.4 meters with a ground clearance of 25.4 millimeters. Meanwhile the size of this fence is 50mm.

  • Protective Fencing for the Player Bench

Same with the Outfield Fence, this type is also 50mm and 2.44 meters high. It safeguards the dugout and the bench of the on-grade players.

  • Protective Fence for Spectators

This fence is 2.4 meters high and 50 mm long. The purpose of this fence is to shield the audience from balls that might fly towards the bleachers.

This fence is the tallest among all at 4.88 meters. The backstop fencing is made to be very high to contain balls that are thrown and pitched.
Although backstops are usually seen in baseball fields, we also install backstops for basketball courts. Call us now at 706-574-3467.

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